Kitchen Remodeling

When you think about it, the top two reasons to do kitchen remodeling are to increase your enjoyment and to raise the value of your home. You already know what you like, but do you know which trends will garner you the most property value increase? Here are some of the top trends in kitchen remodeling that can help you avoid needing to modernize again before selling your home.

  • Overall Design – Contemporary and classic design styles are always in favor, but if you have an eye for the farmhouse style, you won’t go wrong either. As long as you avoid extremes in design, you will likely help, not hurt, your home’s value.
  • Storage – Customized storage solutions are huge these days, with more than half of kitchen remodeling projects including organizers, pull-out cabinets, and the addition of specialty cabinetry, such as wine and bar areas. Opt for more storage than you have now because that new kitchen will inspire you to make more meals at home.
  • Colors – As always, neutrals are a common option. White and grays are high on the list, with light colors being preferable overall. As for countertops, think multicolor, such as quartz and granite.
  • Appliances – Stainless steel appliances are still going strong, but there is growing popularity for black stainless steel and smudge-proof slate. Commercial-style appliances are also popular. As for which appliances to include in your kitchen remodel, be sure to include a dishwasher, and unless you will really use it, don’t go for something single-purpose such as a pizza oven.
  • Cabinetry – Low quality cabinetry is definitely out. It doesn’t hold up and can actually decrease the value of your home. Opt for quality cabinetry and include such features as soft-close doors and drawers, pull-out organization, a pantry cabinet, and as many storage solutions as you can manage.

If you have questions about the best kitchen remodeling options this year, come see our showroom at The Gallery of Stone in Clermont, Florida. We offer a wide variety of options and remodeling services, so your dream kitchen will excite you today and reward you tomorrow. We will gladly provide you with a free estimate for your project.