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Have a question about our kitchen or bathroom remodeling services? Check out our FAQ!

remodeling FAQsHere are some frequently asked questions about our business and the kitchen & bathroom remodeling industry. If you still have questions after reading our FAQ, feel free to contact us in Clermont, Florida.

How expensive are granite countertops?
The real question should be: “How affordable are granite countertops?” Granite is actually much cheaper than other man-made stones like quartz, slate, or concrete—it can be found starting at about $28 per square foot.

How often do I have to re-seal my granite countertops?
The rumor floating around out there that says granite needs to be re-sealed ever year is a myth—recommend that it be re-sealed about every 8 or 10 years.

What is the proper way to take care of granite countertops?
For a great in-depth answer to this question, check out our blog!

Which material should I choose for my countertops?
There are pros and cons of each. Here is a very brief run-down:

  • Granite is durable, beautiful and elegant, but also very heavy and must be sealed every eight to ten years to avoid stains.
  • Solid Surface (Corian) countertops are hygienic and virtually maintenance-free, but are susceptible to scratches and burns.
  • Engineered Quartz comes in a wider variety of colors and styles than natural stone, but for that reason, it can sometimes look fake.
  • Marble countertops are just about as elegant as they come; however, they are softer than granite, so they are susceptible to stains and scratches, even after being sealed.
  • Slate is easy to clean, and scratches can be easily repaired. Some people, however, don’t like its matte appearance and instead prefer the shine of other materials.
  • Concrete is very versatile and can be customized with unique inlays, but it is porous and will stain if not sealed frequently. Cracks can also develop over time.
  • Laminate countertops may be the most affordable of all countertop materials, and they are also low-maintenance. However, they can stain, burn, and scratch quite easily, and damage is difficult to repair.

If you’d like to learn more about the different countertop material choices and find out which one is best for your situation, feel free to contact us.

How do I get started on a kitchen remodeling project?

First, you have to set a budget. Once you know how much you can spend, set aside about 20% of it to cover surprises and emergencies. You may also want to factor into your budget the cost of eating out while the renovation is taking place. With the funds that are left after subtracting those items, you can break it down roughly into these categories:

35% cabinets and countertops
20% appliances
20% labor
10% windows
5% fixtures
10% other

After that, make a list of priorities and get to work on choosing what you want. Don’t deviate from your budget, no matter how tempting it may be—you can live without those little extras that really add up.