A leading design consultant in Orlando, FL, gives some tips on how to get the right light for prepping food and creating mood in a kitchen remodel.

  • Avoid grids of down-lights; use light only where it’s needed. Good task lighting is needed for work surfaces, whether it comes from pendants or down-lights.
  • Under-cabinet lighting is typically the best task lighting because it is concealed and prevents your shadow from blocking the worktop. Modern LED products produce less heat, which not only saves money, but also prevents food and cupboards from getting too warm.
  • Be creative when deciding where to put light sources. For instance, incorporating lights below an island will give the illusion of it floating. If the ceiling is high, add up-lights to the tops of cabinets – they will add overall light so you’ll need fewer down-lights.
  • Lighting should be layered. We’ve already mentioned task and general lighting, but you can also add some ambient and accent lighting. Using several different sources in your kitchen remodel will lend a more 3D feel and create a great mood. Just be sure that each source is individually controlled.
  • If your kitchen is small, you can increase the sense of space with directional spotlights angled towards the walls and cabinets. The light is reflected back into the room, which is more effective than it shining at the floor.

This image shows a kitchen design where all the elements mentioned above have been used to great effect:

Perfect Kitchen Remodel

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