Tips For Designing Your Bathroom Backsplash

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Tips For Designing Your Bathroom BacksplashA bathroom backsplash adds value and a finished look to the back of your sink. It also protects your walls from water splashes, making them easier to clean and preventing damage. Choosing a style and pattern can be difficult, especially if it’s your first time designing a bathroom space. However, our staff at The Gallery of Stone is happy to answer your questions. In the meantime, here are a few tips for designing your bathroom backsplash.

When selecting your backsplash, take your bathroom layout and size into consideration. Choosing a pattern or tile that is too small won’t look right in a larger bathroom, while a large, splashier pattern may be overwhelming in a smaller bathroom. If your shower is tiled wall to wall, don’t hesitate to cover the entire surface from your counter to your ceiling. Going floor-to-ceiling with your bathroom backsplash can become a statement piece behind your sink. To create a bigger impact, use a bold, colorful pattern. Another way to design your bathroom backsplash is to choose an unexpected layout. Picking herringbone or rectangular tiles allows you to have parallel lines, zigzags, or a custom design on your wall.

Natural stone is always an attractive option for a bathroom backsplash. However, remember to check with your installer if the materials need to be sealed and assess what maintenance is needed. Don’t avoid going with a classic look if you prefer clean lines and a backsplash that melts into your wall. White subway tiles pair well with every bathroom style and age well. Quartz and marble are both popular options for backsplashes. The surfaces come in many different styles that fit into every budget.

Not sure what to choose in your bathroom? Come into our showroom in Clermont, Florida to see various options and speak with our staff.