Rules of Kitchen Design You Can Feel Free to Break

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A dream kitchen is something that we all want someday, even if we are far from a gourmet chef. If you have finally reached that point where you are taking notes on kitchen design for your dream kitchen, you’ll notice an awful lot of rules to follow. Here at The Gallery of Stone, we have decided that some of those rules can go right out the window! Some of these are:

  • The kitchen triangle. The kitchen triangle is one of those rules that has been around for so long that you aren’t really sure who came up with it to begin with! The triangle is the space between your fridge, sink and stove. There’s no law that says your appliances have to be laid out this way. Instead, why not try doing what works for how you cook?

kitchen design for your dream kitchen

  • Matching everything. When everything matches, there isn’t a lot of visual interest and your kitchen can start to look cold or sterile. Play around with some open shelving, a few cabinets with glass inserts, or an island with a different color or cabinet style. You can also work in a few knobs or pulls that you find fun and interesting without too much concern. if you tire of them, they’re easy to change.
  • Bold colors. People often push neutral kitchens, but if you absolutely love bold colors, use them! This is your dream kitchen — not someone else’s! Go ahead and give yourself some emerald green cabinets if that’s what you want to do. We promise, no kitchen design police will show up to your home.

At The Gallery of Stone, we are here to help you with any of your kitchen design questions. Give us a call about kitchen design or other services today!