Kitchen RenovationsThere are many reasons to update kitchens, but beyond those shiny appliances you’ve had your eye on at the home improvement store and the lure of glossy design magazines, there are some lurking blunders and pitfalls associated with kitchen renovations.

  1. Not enough countertops. While you want the countertops to be decorative, they also need to be functional. When revamping your kitchen, ensure that there’s enough workspace by establishing how you use the countertops, and then plan for those needs.
  2. Outlets badly positioned. Choosing which appliances you want in specific locations and having outlets where they are needed will assist in planning the space for your kitchen renovations, and at the same time, prevent ‘appliance creep’. This is when appliances accumulate on the countertops, taking up valuable workspace.
  3. Not enough storage. It’s tempting to put your kitchen design dollars where they offer visual payback, such as beautiful appliances, countertops or flooring. However, the daily life of a kitchen includes many tools that are involved in prepping and serving meals. A lot of the appreciation you have for your new kitchen will depend on how accessible these items are.
  4. Wrong lighting. Typically, there are 3 types of lighting – general lighting, accent lighting and task lighting. As you evaluate the work spaces in the kitchen, think how you’re going to provide each area with the lighting it needs.

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