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Kitchen RenovationsIf you’re planning to have children, or you’ve already got kids, do yourself a favor and include their needs in your kitchen renovations. You’ll be glad you did – for your sanity and their safety!

  • Place Switches at Kid Height- When wiring your dream kitchen, you have the chance to place the light switches at a kid-friendly height. Alternatively, install light switches with sensors.
  • Allow Enough Space for Traffic Flow- You’ll want to be sure that your kitchen renovations allow for sufficient space for traffic to flow easily without affecting the work triangle. The aisles should be at least 36”, but if you’ve got the space, allow 48” for a better pass-through.
  • Leave Space for a Stool- Whether you buy a foldable slim-line stool that fits into a niche in your kitchen design or you leave a space for a full stool, make sure to allow space for a step-stool as well.
  • Lower a Countertop- Add a 24” to 30” section of one counter at a height of 28” to 30” instead of the standard countertop height so the kids can participate in prepping food. Really young kids can use a stool to work at the counter, while older ones can stand tall at the counter. After the children have grown, that lower countertop is going to be perfect for baking. Rolling dough on it will be much better for your back!

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