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exterior kitchenBecause it’s a natural stone, granite is one of the top choices for use in outdoor kitchens. If well-fabricated and properly installed, granite countertops will enhance the utility and beauty of your outdoor space in a way that no other material can. Below are a few of its many benefits in an outdoor environment.

  • Aesthetics: Most homeowners want their outdoor kitchens to have an organic appearance to celebrate and complement their natural surroundings. So, since granite is a natural stone, your countertops will mesh beautifully with the setting of your outdoor dream kitchen, maintaining a natural look and feel.
  • Resistant to Temperature Changes: Because it’s a natural stone, granite has a lot more flexibility than other materials when exposed to the elements. Extreme cold and heat are not likely to cause any damage, no matter what season. If you maintain your countertops properly and don’t subject them to rapid temperature changes, such as putting a scalding hot pot on cold stone, they should be fine.
  • Durability: Granite is formed of interlocking crystals, which makes it incredibly strong – another reason why it’s ideal for use outdoors. After all, people have been using it as a building material for centuries! If you are sometimes a bit clumsy when cooking, or you’ve got kids who like to roughhouse, granite will endure such trials.

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