Fun Features to Add to Your Dream Kitchen

Many of us are out there working towards our forever home. Whether you have finally reached that point where you’re going to build a new home or remodel your existing one, a dream kitchen is most certainly on your list of features to add! Many people think of a dream kitchen as finally getting the colors and cabinetry that they want, but what about other features? We have come up with a few ideas that can be fun possibilities for a dream kitchen.

great choice for your dream kitchen

  • A pizza oven– Who doesn’t love pizza? With your own pizza oven, you’ll feel like an expert with every pie. 
  • Pellet ice-maker– Pellet ice is just better than ice cubes. It’s practically a scientific fact that pellet ice makes drinks tastier. Why not have your own pellet ice maker in your dream kitchen for better-tasting drinks all the time?
  • Steamer/convection oven– These top-of-the-line ovens will make you wonder how you ever lived without their features.
  • A locking wine fridge– If you want the option of keeping chilled wine at the ready to pair with your favorite meals, but also want to keep it out of reach of toddler or nosy dinner guests, a locking wine-fridge is a great choice for your dream kitchen.
  • Instant hot water tap– Because no one likes waiting for warm water when they’re trying to get a pot of water boiling ASAP!

These are just a few of the ideas that came to mind when we thought about what we would put in our own dream kitchens here at The Gallery of Stone. What do you think belongs in your dream kitchen?