Countertops: Choosing the Right Color

Countertops: Choosing the Right Color
Picking your new kitchen or bath countertops can be a daunting task. There are many options out there. After you have selected what material you want your countertops to be it is time to select the color. There are a few important things to consider when selecting your countertop color.

  • Samples – Samples are a designer’s best friend. We recommend obtaining a few samples in the countertop colors that you like and bringing them into the room that they will be installed. Deciding on a color becomes easier when you can see the sample countertop piece in the actual lighting of the room and against other samples like backsplash, wall color, and cabinets.
  • Things can change – Keep in mind that your tastes and preferences can change over time. It is pretty simple to repaint a room, but it gets much more difficult to install new countertops because your style has changed. We recommend not going too bold unless you are 100% sure that you really want that look for a very long time. If you love color, then maybe it would be best to find accents and splashes of that color instead of an entire slab of granite.
  • Colors – It’s important to understand undertones and the color wheel. You will want to understand these two design terms as they will drastically help you select colors that are not contrasting. You will want to stick with the same undertone in a room throughout all of your design choices from cabinets, counters and paint. You will also want to check your colors on a color wheel to make sure that you are not selecting conflicting colors.

Here at The Gallery of Stone, we understand that a lot goes in to selecting your new countertops. We would love to help you in making your selections and installing your new kitchen. Give us a call today.