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bathroom renovationsWhether you oversee your own project or work with a contractor, getting a glimpse into the mind of a professional remodeler can give you a new perspective into home improvements. So here are some lessons that can help you avoid doing things that could actually hurt your project.

What you don’t do is just as important as what you do, and sometimes your instincts can negatively affect bathroom renovations.

  • Don’t Delay Decisions: If you want your dream bathroom remodel to go well, try to make every decision before work starts. Most issues relating to decisions are things like trim and paint and faucet selection. These might seem small, but they can balloon into big delays.
  • Don’t Keep Changing Your Mind: Of course you’ll change your mind about some aspect of your bathroom renovations, but remember that every time you change your mind, it will have a ripple effect on the schedule, not to mention the budget.
  • Don’t Buy Your Own Materials: This might seem like an obvious way to save money, but to begin with, your contractor can get a better price, meaning that you’ll pay the same – even after markup.
  • Don’t Let Pets and Kids Get in the Way: Although most remodelers try to accommodate children and pets, they shouldn’t have to. It’s simply not safe to have them around construction.
  • Don’t Distract: This might sound harsh, but when someone working in your home is talking to you, he or she isn’t concentrating 100 percent. Leave the workers alone and let them do their job.

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