Bathroom Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

Home improvement shows on television make the renovation process look so easy. With a sledgehammer, a quick montage, and time-lapse scene, an entire bathroom has been taken from sad to stunning! This exaggerated reality of bathroom renovations can give someone unrealistic expectations when it comes time for their own bathroom renovation. If you have a bathroom renovation in your future, be sure to avoid some of these common mistakes.

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First, don’t put your dream bathroom in your temporary home. Unless your home is your forever home, skip the marble-lined shower and heated floor tiles. There are ways to make your bathroom updated, pleasant, and clean without blowing your budget. Save the luxury soaker tub and multiple-head shower for your forever home.

Second, don’t DIY a bathroom renovation. Unless you are a licensed plumber or contractor, step away from the sledge hammer! So many problems can arise in a bathroom with plumbing and water, so make sure your finished bathroom is lovely and also up to code with professional help.

Third, avoid the jetted tub unless it’s your forever home. Jetted tubs seem like a nice idea, but really, they are a magnet for germy water that gets stuck in the jets and spewed back into the bathwater- yuck! Additionally, fewer new home buyers even have time for baths and prefer a large, luxurious shower over a tub.

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask for assistance. If you feel over your head with your bathroom designs before the renovations have even begun, ask for help from the professionals! Here at The Gallery of Stone, we would love to help you with your bathroom renovation. Please contact us today for more information.