Whether you prefer to take your time or jump in and jump out, showers are mainstays in most homes. If you’re planning on a dream bathroom remodel, there’s more to think about than what simply fits into the room.

Bathroom Renos: Tub and Shower Combo

Need a shower and a tub, but don’t have space for separate pieces? Then a smart choice is a combo. These 2-in-1 units make the most of limited space by providing all the benefits of both in a compact footprint, which is especially useful for a guest’s or child’s bathroom. For homes without space for separate tubs and showers, a combo is also a great way to boost resale value because it caters for people who prefer either option.

tub and shower bathroom reno

Bathroom Renos: Walk-In Curbless Shower & Toilet

A great bathroom design idea for the ill or elderly. Climbing in and out of bathtubs can be dangerous and difficult for people whose strength, mobility or balance is limited. A person recovering from an illness or accident is often unable to use a fixture to which he or she has become accustomed. Others could simply be unable to bathe due gradual, subtle aging.

bathroom renos - curbless shower

Bathroom Renos: Dual Shower Head

These can be adjusted to provide gentle mists like standing in cooling rain, or powerful blasts to invigorate and boost blood circulation. Usually, one of the heads is detachable.

dual shower head - bathroom reno

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