4 Reasons Marble Countertops Belong in Your Master Bathroom

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A bathroom is a very personal and very private space. While some bathrooms are there for strictly utilitarian purposes, others such as the master bath are not just for utilizing, but for relaxation and retreat from a busy day. Whether you are building a new home or are looking to remodel your existing master bathroom, we have come up with four reasons why you should skip past all the other countertop choices and go for the marble!

marble countertops in the kitchen

1.   Marble is elegance in stone. With marble countertops, your master bathroom will quietly remind you every time you enter that this bathroom is special, and is luxury meant for you to enjoy!

2.   Marble is very versatile. Marble countertops look great with all sorts of tiles and other bathroom materials in many different styles. It also looks good in different lights, making it a stunning countertop material that works well with bright lights for makeup or low lights for a relaxing bubble bath.

3.   Marble is better suited for bathrooms. If you put marble countertops in the kitchen, you will have a lot of maintenance and care on your hands with a lot of countertop material. Marble can scratch if you forget to get out a cutting board. It can also stain, so you’ll be on edge anytime you drink wine or juice. In the bathroom, you only need to worry about a sealant every few years in terms of maintenance.

4.   Marble is more affordable in bathrooms. An entire kitchen’s worth of marble can cost a pretty penny, but bathrooms, which almost always have less countertop square footage, can help you get this luxury material for a reasonable price point.

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